CompassionCon is a weekend-long hybrid gathering to encourage and celebrate compassionate action for self, each other, and the Earth. The goal of CompassionCon is to create an interconnected community of care that supports well-being and flourishing for all.

Day 3 | Compassion for the Earth
Two In Person events and Many Virtual Events

Learn More About Conservation

Download this app and begin to use this toolkit along with others to learn and generate conversation about saving the planet.

12:00 noon
Location Here
Harvest Food from an Urban Space

Join us in harvesting Service Berries near Grant Park! Pick locations are based on what fruit is ready to pick. You'll receive the confirmed pick location and additional details 1-2 days before the pick. 

signup link (folks should clock on the event under the 5/22 date) for the fruit pick.

COVID INFO: In accordance with public health guidelines: – Masks are optional at outdoor events. However, we strongly encourage the use of masks when it may be difficult to socially distance from other volunteers during a pick or harvest event. – Individuals who are older than 65 or have a chronic health condition should not volunteer unless fully vaccinated. – Individuals who are sick or live with someone who is should not volunteer.

Note: All staff that oversee our programs are fully vaccinated. We ask volunteers who have traveled or may have been exposed to not volunteer until they receive a negative test result.

3:00-5:00 PM
Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve
River Cleanup at Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve

Join Georgia Interfaith Power and Light for a river clean-up! We'll be picking up trash and debris from the creek at Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve in Decatur from 3-5pm. We will gather near the pavilion and learn about the watershed and the importance of water conservation and protection. Then, we will walk through the preserve to the creek for the clean-up. Gloves, trash bags, and some tools will be provided. Please come prepared with closed-toed shoes and clothing you don't mind getting muddy or wet. Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve 2580 Pine Bluff Drive, Decatur, GA 30033. time: 3-5pm. Sign up here. 

Dekalb County
Hike Arabia Mountain

Explore a land that has taken 400 million years to form. The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area lies just east of Atlanta along I-20. Dominated by two granite outcrops, it offers natural wonders, compelling history and heart-pumping activity. A vibrant history, breathtaking beauty and intriguing cultural changes from early settlers to immigrant rock cutters, freed slaves and Trappist monks.

At Your Home
Plant Something

Dig into the Earth and enjoy connecting with Mother Nature. Planting is therapeutic, soothing and grounding. This is the easiest way to connect with the Earth. Pick up seeds on Saturday at CompassionCon and plant them on Sunday. Take a picture and share it with us. 

Location Here
Educate yourself about the Planet

Climate Change is real. Warmer temperatures over time are changing weather patterns and disrupting the usual balance of nature. This poses many risks to human beings and all other forms of life on Earth.

Location Here
Find a Georgia Hike

Explore Atlanta’s outdoor beauty, and hike our top 10 favorite Atlanta hiking trails within 40 miles of the city. These hikes explore gorgeous, rolling forest, scenic rivers, historical remains and catch the best, most stunning mountaintop views near Atlanta.

Location Here
Explore Georgia's Waterfalls

Beautiful, enchanting, serene. It’s amazing that the simple fall of water from rock can stir up so much beauty and emotion. Georgia’s waterfalls are plentiful, spilling from our mountains on meandering streams, creeks, and rivers. Check out these top hikes and adventures to more than twenty falls around Georgia.

Location Here
Home Energy Audit

A home energy assessment, also known as a home energy audit, can help you understand the whole picture of your home's energy use, comfort, and safety. Find out more here.


Day 3 | Why Compassion For The Earth?


The Earth is our home.

Just like we show compassion to ourselves and to others , we must also show compassion to and for the earth.

“Heal ourselves, heal the Earth.” We believe that the sustainable way to saving our planet is to look within ourselves and resolve our inner conflict, instead of rushing to relieve it by externalising that suffering. Not only will you feel better, you will prevent the Earth from suffering too!

Everything is interconnected.

Pay Attention to Mother Nature Today

Educate Yourself on Sustainability

Compassion isn’t just about how we treat each other. It’s not limited to our kindness to fellow human beings. Compassion extends to all living things, including the earth itself.  When we live sustainably, we live compassionately. 

When we choose to practice sustainability, we do so realizing that the things we do affect far more people than ourselves. It invites us to consider our own interests less than the interests of others, which is a great act of humility.

Paul Hawkens once famously stated, “sustainability, ensuring the future of life on Earth, is an infinite game, the endless expression of generosity on behalf of all.”

In its truest form, sustainability isn’t something we seek to do to prove ourselves better than others. It also isn’t something we do out of guilt. Sustainability is an act of compassion, realizing that it is an opportunity we’ve been given to boldly impact the lives of others.

Sustainability is both and act of selflessness and humility. 


Explore The Planet You Live In

Teach our children to have compassion for the earth.

Less Technology—More Fresh Air

Simply being outside can be a fair contribution to Compassion for the Earth. Let’s relieve ourselves of technology and dreary routines for a day, and instead get outside and move. Have some fun with it! Go for a run, go dance or hop on a bike, play some pickleball, do some stretches or exercise and just relish in the beauty of nature. The point is to close your laptop, unplug a bit and leave your phone behind. Spending time with Mother Earth is a great way to promote wellness and is another thing we should be doing every day.  The earth owes us nothing, but we owe it to ourselves to keep our planet clean and thriving, as much as our bodies! 


The Earth is our children's inheritance.

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