CompassionCon is a weekend-long hybrid gathering to encourage and celebrate compassionate action for self, each other, and the Earth. The goal of CompassionCon is to create an interconnected community of care that supports well-being and flourishing for all.

Day 1 | Compassion For Self - All Virtual Offerings

9:00 AM
Community Resiliency

Building a resilient Georgia takes each one of us working together. In this workshop, you will learn how Resilient Georgia builds bridges between public and private partners across the state to create an integrated behavioral health network of services and resources for Georgia’s children (0-26) and families. Resilient Georgia is among the only organizations focused on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) prevention and increasing trauma-informed awareness and care delivery through statewide coalitions. On Zoom.

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10:00 AM
Yoga and Meditation

Exploring Compassion through Mind, Body & Breath: Yoga is much more than physical postures. It is the strengthening and stretching of mind, body & breath that gives yoga healing properties, and helps us develop compassion for self and for all beings.

We will explore Mind (meditation), Body (asana), and Breath (pranayama)--breath techniques, movement sequences that strengthen and stretch both body and mind, and meditation practices to serve you on and off the mat. As we develop greater presence, our capacity for compassion grows.

This in person class supports both the beginner and the advanced practitioner looking for a more mindfully-paced class. Alternatives and modifications will be offered. Taught by Rebecca Leary.

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2:30 PM
Virtual on zoom
Compassion for Self
Self-Compassion guided meditation and Metta Prayer.
Participants will be guided in breathing in Divine Light and how they emanate wisdom/ insight; intuition/understanding; knowledge; loving kindness/ mercy; assertiveness/ one’s power; compassion; action; discernment; creativity and groundedness.  The practice will end with a Tibetan Buddhist  healing Metta prayer for everyone :
May you be at peace 
May your heart always be open
May you awaken to the Light of your own true nature 
May you be healed 
May you be the source of healing for others
People can just sign into a Zoom link  provided. No registration necessary. 
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3:00 PM
Virtual on Zoom
Mindful Self-Compassion
Spend an hour learning how to support yourself when you are stressed, struggle or like you have failed.  Most of us are familiar with our inner critic, can we also connect with an inner caring coach?   Learn the research about self-compassion, discuss the misperceptions about it and try it out with guidance.  Hannah Hawkins-Esther LCSW is a certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher and is happy to share this life-enhancing practice.


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6:00 PM
Workshop: Creating a Culture of Compassion

We care for the things we value and we all inherently are worthy of a fulfilling life. Clearly defining and asserting one’s Values and Boundaries affirms an individual's autonomy and agency. In this workshop, participants will create artistic representations of popular culture and how it informs their behaviors. Then we will envision what it will take to foster compassion within our everyday lives.

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Day 1 | Why Compassion For Self?


It Starts With Being Aware

When we develop our awareness of ourselves and what is going on around us, we are able to practice presence. This honors us. This honors our body. It slows us down. It allows us to let go of stress and the worries of life. This is compassion for self.  Take a yoga class or a walk in nature and experience this awareness.

Online or in person throughout Atlanta

Practice Mindfulness

When we practice mindfulness we get quiet and we listen. We listen to our hearts, our dreams, and we even listen to our silences.  Being mindful and listening helps us be more calm. This is how we prioritize ourselves. This is self compassion.  Join us for one of the class offerings and experience mindfulness.

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As long as we have breath, we live...


Do you remember to pause, to take deep breaths, to resume being present? Take one of our offerings online or in person to enjoy the full benefits of compassion for your self. If you do not practice self compassion, how can you be compassionate to others?

The prerequisite to compassion for others is self compassion. Practice this with us today throughout Atlanta.

Right Where You Are

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